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Recommendations for the Period Drama lovers... some of my favorites!

Recommendations for the Period Drama lovers... some of my favorites!

So, it's no secret that I adore classic and gothic romances & period dramas. The books, the movies/dramas. Just... everything. My favorite book of all time is Jane Eyre, but I'm a lover of a lot of Jane Austen's books, the Bronte Sisters' books and more.

I love regency-era romances and devour any period drama I can find. I thought that some of you may love them as much as I do, so I decided to create a quick "Top 12" list of shows I have adored that I think you may also enjoy. I hope you find your new obsession! :)

Here is my list in no particular order & some of these may be a little off the beaten path, but I loved them for various reasons, so they are included. 

    1. North & South (one of the slowest burning romances ever, but probably in my top 6 of all time favorites! A MUST watch!) 
    2. Our Mutual Friend (this one is a bit darker, but the acting and the storytelling are amazing. I adore this & bonus that David Morrissey is in it & killing it in his role!)
    3. Jane Eyre (THIS is no surprise, right? Also... I like ALL the versions for different reasons. I plan to do a comparative review in different blog post soon) 
    4. Lark Rise to Candleford 
    5. The Paradise 
    6. Sense & Sensibility (this version is my personal favorite!)
    7. Pride & Prejudice 
    8. Downton Abbey (so, I usually don't love this era/time for historical romances/period dramas... but this drama is perfection & I loved it) 
    9. Persuasion (one of my favorite Austen books. Read the book. THEN watch the movie!) 
    10. Reign (also on Netflix!) so... this one. FUN. Gorgeous costumes & people, and lovely acting. & if not for ANY other reason... you MUST watch for Megan Follow's portrayal of Queen Catherine deMedici!)
    11. The Story of Ming Lan (a Chinese period drama & what I'd definitely call a "slice of life" drama, as in, it is a slow building drama that REALLY shows you the details of the every day life of a woman in that period of Chinese history. It is beautiful. Real. & probably one of my most favorite dramas of all time. It is by far my favorite Chinese historical drama... which is saying a lot since I've seen TONS. You can watch the drama using the Viki App- I watch it on my laptop on!) 
    12. The Durrells in Corfu (talk about off the beaten path. this has NOTHING in it that I'd normally go for, but it is SUCH a lovely and well acted drama. give it a try. it may surprise you! disclaimer: I haven't watched the newest season yet!)

Have YOU seen any of the above? Did you enjoy them? Have any not mentioned above that would make it onto your Top 12 List? Drop me a comment & let me know! :* 

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  • Peggy Martinez
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  • Kandace

    Reign is my favorite. I have seen the series about 15 times. I even named my daughter’s middle name after the lead actress…Adelaide Kane. My daughter’s name is Lorelai Adelaide. 💕

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